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Your data is now encrypted
with Azure based

Security and Compliance

Cloud Recon

Security and Compliance Overview

Cybersecurity Review provides the Customer with a foundational analysis of their Cybersecurity infrastructure taking into consideration current software deployment, usage and licensing data. The analysis will be the basis for the evaluation of the Customer’s basic Cybersecurity state, providing insights to what software is deployed and areas of potential risk.


Manage information security with automated user authentication to optimize security and for effective content management.

Authenticated Service

Azure AD authentication to access all portals and their services, No data leakage or mapping of content with other providers.

Secured Configurational settings

Report to track the configurations at Azure with the customized baseline or recommendations for each individual resource.


Track and maintain log mechanisms with the help of CloudSupervisor®’s matured log tracking to track the new users and application behaviors around the virtual environments.

Compliance Management

Detailed reporting for any drift with the baseline values for the Governance & Regulatory Compliance (GRC) settings, maintained by CloudSupervisor®

Track Malicious activities

Any disorder with the regular usage of services is tracked and monitored to provide a thorough security around the inventoried applications.

Encrypted information

Exchange of sensitive information throughout the applications is encrypted to provide security and protection.

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Security and Compliance


Continuous compliance


Cloud Inventory


Utilization and Right Sizing



Looking for Cybersecurity!

Get relaxed with compliance techniques with scalable and matured recommendations to keep secured with cloud apps.

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The integrated Audio Visual solution provided by Ignited Wings helped us enter new frontiers in the pedagogy of imparting education. We appreciate their effort in blending technology into our curriculum.

Solutions from Ignited Wings follow a robust practice of "understand-evaluate-test-implement-transform" to deliver a defined return on investment. Interested?