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Check Service Baselines to map the
correct applicable settings
for Enterprise Standard


Cloud Recon

Baseline Overview

Need assurance about cloud security and compliance concerns? CloudAtlas provides comprehensive CloudTrail support, security group and permission mapping, perimeter assessments, complete audit logs, and 400+ prepackaged security checks and alerts.


Customized baseline to define the Enterprise Standards for compliance, noncompliance, or configurational mappings for your virtual environments.

Enterprise Standards

Supported by CloudRecon®, define and check the baseline values under enterprise level and set the standards for reliable collaborations among working units.

Creating a Baseline

CloudOrigin® will be creating the customized baseline values for Azure services and consumer can easily grasp the service details for the prescribed cloud environments.

Set the compliance standards

During PaaS migration, the applications can be traced to evaluate the baseline for its compliance and noncompliance standards.

Security Baseline

Consumer can analyze the security impact with the recommended values for database security (Encryption, Firewall) under SQL Azure guidelines, supported by CloudPilot®

Classify the Baseline for HBI, MBI or LBI

Subscription owners will get the alerts for the highly impacted baseline drifts with the specified values for security services under multiple subscriptions.

Authentication and Authorization

Baseline under CloudPilot® will also check the security settings for the identity authentication for windows, under Azure guidelines.

CloudSupervisor® will restructure your data for high, medium or low impacted values for cloud specific services like checking if the VMs , currently is not supported the antimalware status check or the TDE encryption is not enabled for any of the specific service under one subscription or many for a single subscription owner.

Organizations can ensure the secured operational working with the standard baselines as defined under cloud cybersecurity guidelines and set the configurations at DevOps standards.

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Security and Compliance


Continuous compliance


Cloud Inventory


Utilization and Right Sizing



Baseline identification !

Enhance security with matured drafting of data and analysis for any change with the standard baselines, specified for your apps.

Strategic Alliances

By partnering with the leaders in private and public cloud, IWT is positioned to help you to succeed.


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