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nalyze sizing to best fit your instance
on cloud Azure services

Utilization and Right Sizing

Cloud Recon

Utilization and Right Sizing Overview

Using accurate inventory data, build a detailed cost model with ROI and TCO for running workloads in the cloud relative to on-premise costs. CloudRecon combines inventory information with utilization information to determine pricing for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Lift & Shift, and VM consolidation. Consolidate, downsize, or remove redundant or unused technologies. These tools will allow you to not only migrate to the cloud, but do it efficiency and cost effectively.


Accurately Right-size your VMs across the Azure farms.

Provisioning of resources

CloudSupervisor® is the tool to survey cloud sizing before migrating your workloads to cloud datacenters, this will provide the details for your OpEx costs associated with the resource groups including CPU and memory utilization, required cores, the RAM size and the actual downsizing or upsizing information to update any resource under a specific service group entitled to your on-premise business units.

Assuming the wrong expenses

Make your clients move smartly with right-sized, subscription-based services and to avail them offers of running their heavy business apps with adequate expenses for cloud premises.

Figure out, Real usage

Consumer can perform a quick check with the gathered data, if the application running with overloaded environment of resources at on-premise can provide the real usage and productivity after migrating the same architecture with resized, provisioned resources at cloud data centers.

Utilization Insights

Metrics to provide sizing details per subscription for each utilized resource and the mapped cost with tabular format represent the most critical utilization report including Recommended sizing, Tier Name, Actual Price($) and the Price Difference($).

On-premise Inputs Vs Azure Instance Sizing

CloudRecon® will go thoroughly with your operational workloads to check their performance for internal units of disk utilization and physical asset performances to identify and compare the required infrastructural Azure instances starting from A0 to G5 and prescribe the closest match during the running phase of migration analysis.

Applying Best Practices

Scalable components of right-sizing and virtualization with best practices to provide elastic service models throughout the migration for cloud datacenters. Choose Your CSP Wisely- If you are working with a cloud service provider (CSP), verify that the CSP is giving the information to right size your sql servers and application servers with efficient resources at Azure.

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Utilization and Right Sizing



Thinking to Rightsize your VMs !

Sizing VMs, database servers and other distributed data with a single virtual environment available with separate instances for all your resources.

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