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Media and communications

Enabling communications service providers to achieve their digital transformation goals

Helping traditional communications service providers succeed in the digital age

The growing number of over-the-top Internet service providers, who reap the benefits of traditional, third-party networks, is causing disruption in the telecommunications services industry. We can provide you with the flexibility, elasticity, and agility that you need to prevent these lower-cost services from cannibalising your revenue. Attract new customers and maximise customer experience by taking advantage of our expertise to transform your infrastructure and expand your services capability.

Keep pace with an evolving communications industry

Business issues and challenges

With rising costs, slow top-line growth, and a growing demand for innovative services and content, you’re seeking new sources of revenue growth and profit. You may be expanding your business into new geographies as well as new revenue streams.

Convergence is the route to take, but you need a roadmap to ensure you can bring new services to market quickly, and at a competitive price.

Your external network must be able to manage new, more complex data traffic patterns to support these services. You also can't afford to let customer experience (CX) levels slip along the way.

With these changes comes the need for a considerable transformation in technology. Now more than ever, you need the right IT solutions to remain agile and provision new services quickly.

We understand the challenges you face and how to overcome them

We have the global capability to support you through this market evolution. We understand that you need to optimise your internal network for maximum efficiency, and ensure that your external network supports your revenue-generating services.

We understand that to innovate and bring new services to market quicker, you need more flexibility, elasticity, and agility in your network. We have the global capability to support you through this market evolution, applying our skills.

Using a consultative approach, we'll work with you to develop solutions that will support your current and future operating models.

Our media and communications expertise covers CX, contact centre (omnichannel), cloud, data centre, cybersecurity, and traditional and digital infrastructure services and technology.

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Case Studies

Our Application Placement and Cloud Readiness Assessment helps CAIW prioritise migration
Transforming IT by bringing enhanced cloud services to Channel Island businesses
SSP Europe’s move to the cloud enables them to offer custom secure software

Accelerating your ambitions


End-to-end solutions

Our multidisciplinary approach spans not only cybersecurity but all other digital business technologies


Global network

15 cloud data centres across five continents give you global reach


Hybrid IT support

On-premise, hosted, cloud-based – or any combination. We manage, optimise, support, secure, and protect your hybrid IT environments


Trusted advisor

Engagement with your customers and your customer experience team to transform your business by guiding strategy, enhancing your value chain, and driving innovation

Strategic Alliances

By partnering with the leaders in private and public cloud, IWT is positioned to help you to succeed.


Amit Singh

The integrated Audio Visual solution provided by Ignited Wings helped us enter new frontiers in the pedagogy of imparting education. We appreciate their effort in blending technology into our curriculum.

Solutions from Ignited Wings follow a robust practice of "understand-evaluate-test-implement-transform" to deliver a defined return on investment. Interested?