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Enabling innovative teaching and learning practices for the digital age

Azure Guidance Tool

Technology plays a crucial role in the learning environment, whether at primary, secondary, or tertiary level. Connected collaboration platforms allow for the deployment of academic content to any device. This enables learners to engage with their studies in the domain of their choice, while continuing to interact with teachers, classmates, family, and friends through traditional social media platforms.

Respond to the transforming education industry with our help

Business issues and challenges

Outdated technologies can hamper educational institutions’ ability to meet current demands. Many lack reliable wireless networks capable of supporting growing numbers of mobile devices, or robust technology infrastructures that can support distance learning. Educational institutions also need to modernise their security systems to defend against a growing array of cyberthreats.

We understand the challenges you face and how to overcome them

We’re recognised for our ability to provide robust networking and connectivity. This puts us in the ideal position to support your connected campus.

Our cloud technologies facilitate the provision of affordable, quality education that drives unprecedented student success rates using sophisticated engagement methods. Enterprise-ready managed cloud platforms across five continents provide the best possible platform for your education and research workloads.

Partnering with the regional National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) significantly accelerates our ability to support your digital transformation. Our Managed Cloud Platforms have direct connectivity into the NRENs in a number of regions. For example, education and research communities in Europe can consume Dimension Data Public Cloud directly through the GEANT framework contract across 18 countries.

Our various managed services and partnerships enable us to engage with every aspect of delivery on your digital strategy – from your traditional systems enterprise support to becoming a fully digitally connected campus.  

We help you to:

  • 1. provide a robust software-defined wide area network connecting the many devices deploying and consuming academic content
  • 2. provide a comprehensive approach to securing the potentially multiple cloud-based learning management, and collaborative teaching and learning platforms
  • 3. support the other connected devices within ELIoT (Educator/Learner Internet of Things) responsible for managing proximity, transportsation, access and climate control, environmental sustainability, disability aids, social media/learning and sensing technologies, sportsing equipment (including wearables), robotic automation, and virtual reality experience
  • 4. provide meaningful analysis of the input from these devices to drive student engagement, experience, and outcome improvement

Case Studies

Enabling better learning outcomes through the cloud
Educating tomorrow’s women

Southern Cross University improves customer experience through cloud messaging
Enabling students to work from anywhere, anytime, from any device



How the cloud can make your research funding stretch further

Researchers can now access the best tools at the lowest cost, using cloud technologies.


How to reinvent yourself as a digital education institution

Educational institutions have to keep up with the digital age by becoming curators of the education experience rather than custodians of knowledge.


Why Socrates would’ve approved of digital education

Educational institutions that can’t adapt will get left behind in the Industrial Age as the rest of society picks up where Socrates left off.


The potential of AI for education

We look at how the integration of AI into the educational process will help prepare younger generations for future careerss.

Accelerating your ambitions


Hybrid IT

On-premise, hosted, cloud-based – or any combination. We manage, optimise, support, secure, and protect your hybrid IT environments


Security expertise

With NTT, we have over 2,000 cybersecurity specialists and 10 Security Operations Centres – and annually invest USD 2 billion in research and development


Comprehensive collaboration understanding

Expertise managing multiple vendors across voice, video, contact centre, and messaging


Focus and specialisation

Expertise in networking, combined with specialised focus in wireless and mobility

Strategic Alliances

By partnering with the leaders in private and public cloud, IWT is positioned to help you to succeed.


Amit Singh

The integrated Audio Visual solution provided by Ignited Wings helped us enter new frontiers in the pedagogy of imparting education. We appreciate their effort in blending technology into our curriculum.

Solutions from Ignited Wings follow a robust practice of "understand-evaluate-test-implement-transform" to deliver a defined return on investment. Interested?