About Us
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Careers at Ignitedwings

Advances in Technology are radically changing the relationship between businesses and their customers. We help make that happen.

The impact of technology on business has been larger than anyone would’ve expected. And those who didn’t see it coming are now out of business. Think Kodak, Blockbuster and Nokia.

At IgnitedWings, we’re passionate about what’s around the corner. Our people are driven by the need to find solutions for clients that help them become agile, flexible and leaders of tomorrow. We’re always looking for individuals that are curious, learning-driven, and think out of the box. The rest is up to us. Our entrepreneurial culture allows our team to learn, grow and experiment. Empowerment is a way of life, for us..

If you want to make a meaningful contribution, you really should be working with us.

The IgnitedWings Culture

Digital business isn’t just about replacing the old with the new. Its about connecting dots to create value. The culture at IgnitedWings encourages our team to think laterally, yet stay focused on value creation for customers.

Strategic Alliances

By partnering with the leaders in private and public cloud, IWT is positioned to help you to succeed.


Solutions from Ignited Wings follow a robust practice of "understand-evaluate-test-implement-transform" to deliver a defined return on investment. Interested?