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Migrate your applications to the cloud with confidence.

Application Migration Services

We provide the fastest and most cost-effective way to migrate your workloads to the cloud. Whether you’re moving to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure, our team of experts will get you there successfully.

Most CIOs have a deep desire to get out of the data center business to reduce their IT costs. This requires a significant migration of application workloads out of data centers and into public clouds. Our experience points to an average TCO savings of 40% year-over-year achieved through migrating to the cloud.

Following best practices from the Cloud Adoption Program, our migration experts work with you to build a Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC). This MVC will become the centerpiece of your cloud program and prepare you for a full-scale migration.

Our prescriptive migration approach addresses questions including:

  • 1. What can the cloud do for your organization and when is cloud not the answer?
  • 2. How do you define cloud and how is it different from what you are doing today?
  • 3. What applications are a good fit for cloud solutions?
  • 4. How does cloud impact infrastructure and application architectures?
  • 5. What is different about operating a cloud?
  • 6. What should be included in a cloud roadmap and how much should you budget?

Strategic Alliances

By partnering with the leaders in private and public cloud, IWT is positioned to help you to succeed.


Amit Singh

The integrated Audio Visual solution provided by Ignited Wings helped us enter new frontiers in the pedagogy of imparting education. We appreciate their effort in blending technology into our curriculum.

Solutions from Ignited Wings follow a robust practice of "understand-evaluate-test-implement-transform" to deliver a defined return on investment. Interested?